I have a question, maybe is stupid or maybe not. I was wondering what do you really think about smoking, because there are certain countries where the women looks awful smoking because of the culture and in the men is more acceptable smoking, I really don't like that, because i think women and men have the same capacity of thinking and have the choice to decide what is best and worst for them, but there are another countries where both men and women are in the same possition about the smoking thing. So here is my question. Do you smoke? And have you ever been rejected by someone who thinks that women should not smoke?

Thank you for your time to answer the question! :)


katerina said...

Well I quit smoking since two years! In Greece it's tottely acceptable for a woman to smoke! Thing is that now I realize how awful it is for a non smoker to breath another person's smoke! Also the smell of the smoke for a non smoker is really heavy which is something that surprised me when I quit! I can say the smell is unbearable now!Those photos though are really great !A cigarette could be so stylish but you could always hold one for a photoshoot without actually smoking!

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

I personnallly don't smoke. Never have. Never will. i'm against smoking for men and women. i think it's a waist of money and it's so bad for you, i don't underrstand why poeple smoke.But i'm on the same page with you, i think that both men and women should have the right to do decide what is good or bad for them.

Sick by Trend said...

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ilsteviewonder said...

well smoking is disgusting. I dont smoke but I have family members who do. I dont know how fashion makes it looks so glamorous.